Tesla Powerwall 2

Powerwall is a battery storage solution that stores power and keeps power at your home without using power from the grid. If the Powerwall is connected to the solar system it will work as an energy provider after the sun sets, which means free power throughout the day after the initial cost.
The battery can be placed on the floor and can be installed on the wall, Powerwall can be cascaded with up to 1+9 batteries and can be used in extreme weather conditions from -20 to 50 degree Celsius. For more see Powerwall 2 specifications below.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 2 Specs :

Warranty : 10 years
Size and weight : L x W x D = 1150 x 753 x 147
114 kilograms
Capacity and Power: 13 kW
7 kW peak and 5 kW continuous backup charge/discharge
Battery efficiency : 90% round trip efficiency
AC battery output : Fully integrated AC output, with pure sine wave.

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