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Residential Solar Panels In Newcastle

Opera Solar Energy is the leading solar installer that homeowners can trust to install solar panels in the Newcastle. The improvements to the renewable energy have shown development in the industry and Opera Solar has always been a part of the change. With technology evolving day in day out, the solar panels are not away from going to next level.

Ten years ago, the solar cells were of Polycrystalline technology and the panels would only produce power when the full sun was out. But today we have monocrystalline panels with mono perc technology which can produce power even on a cloudy and shading day. The panels with this technology will give power yield when they are in ambient light and even when the sun is not out.

Australia is placed in a genuinely nice position on receiving the sun light almost throughout the year. We Aussies do not consume all the energy , even if we have solar system on all the rooftops, we will be still having abundance of energy. The solar system prices are reducing in all the corners of this beautiful county Australia, this is the best time to install solar and with available federal government rebates, homeowners can make huge savings on they electricity bills.

Set themselves ahead for the Sustainable Future!!

A quality solar system is nothing without a quality installation:

To lower your energy bills we need to get the maximum out of the available sun on your roof through a quality solar system. Every company talks about the warranties of their panels and inverters: these warranties are provided by the manufacturer and it is same for all the retailers and installers, it is very important to choose someone who also talks apart from the usuals that is a good solar installation practices combined with a quality Solar Power system.

Installation is the heart of a solar system, no matter how costly your solar panels and inverters are but if not installed properly it can be a risk to your property and will not give the desired output. We at Opera solar have trained professional who Clean Energy Council Certified Electricians with more than 4200 successful installations. Our Solar installers per team only do one install per day, we do not rush through our jobs to finish more than one job a day.

Due to that norm Our Customer’s can be rest assured that the quality of the Solar Installation on their Home or Business is with the Highest Industry Gauges.

Installations backed by Installations warranties:

It is especially important that the solar installations are backed by warranties, as anything can go wrong on the roof after the installation, so, Opera Solar Energy provides 10-year Workmanship Warranty. We have not had a single complaint regarding installation in the working history of 15 years of our installers. Our installers abide the rules and regulations in place for a quality installations standard set by Opera Solar following the guidelines from Clean Energy Council.

Cheaper electricity thanks to Solar:

By putting a solar system on your roof, we help you to generate your own electricity. The electricity coming to your house is no more being rented from a power company with ever increasing tariffs. With solar being on the roof the energy generated is free for use and after the return on investment it is all free for the customer to enjoy self-produced energy.

We have provided Solar solutions to many customers with different requirements and one thing common among them is savings on the power bill. With being partnered with REC, LG, Trina, Qcell, SMA, Solaredge, Enphase and Fronius we can provide savings with your chosen equipment.  

Extended warranties:

Our partnerships with leading Solar Manufacturer and Robust Supply Chain with decades for experience and accreditations provide us an edge of getting the best value for our customers, with the extended manufacturer warranties provided to Opera Solar Energy we can pass the benefits to the customer and this will help the customers to enjoy solar with full peace of mind. We also pass on our Bulk Buying Price to our Customer’s so they can get Best Solar Deal for both Solar Panel and Solar Inverter.

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