Solar Installers In Newcastle

As a solar retailer we are always looking to provide optimum solar solution to our customers, and we have been doing this in Sydney Metro and Newcastle region from past many years. We are always thinking about green and clean energy we are always thinking about the environment. Our team of installers have experience of more than 15 years and they have been accredited by the CEC.

Solar energy is simply generating power from sun to electricity and the configuration is very easy to understand. But that is not the case the solar power generation have different aspects which are to be considered. As the panels produces power from the sun in form of DC and the inverter converts that Dc to Ac and the Ac Is then utilised in our households and industries.

Our local solar installers in Newcastle and Central coast region can install solar Power systems and solar systems with battery, with battery being installed the solar system will be working like a day and night energy provider with access energy being stored in the battery. If you do not have the battery our solar installers will help you connect your system to the local grid and by this means you can sell power back to the grid and the energy companies will provide you with  feed-in-tariffs.

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