SMA Inverters

SMA sunny home manager 2.0 is a highly performing solution to monitor the PV systems with SMA inverters, SMA energy meter calculates electrical values and communicates via Ethernet. All data on grid feed-in, generated power from PV and purchased electricity can be monitored with this energy meter.

Why SMA Inverters?

Quality: SMA does not compromise with safety and quality of the product and these aspects make it a sustainable solution in PV systems of all sizes. All the SMA products pass through a series of tests simulating different weather and environmental conditions to make the inverter a reliable solution in any circumstances, SMA inverters comes with 5 years extendable warranty.

Shades Fix Technology: The SMA inverters are equipped with the new Shade Fix technology which allows to make optimum power when the panel shading is unavoidable. The shade fix technology is integrated in SMA Sunny boy and SMA Sunny Tripower inverters at no additional charges.

Connectivity and Monitoring: Highly compatible inverter, can be connected and communicated via Ethernet and Wi-fi. All the power generated and exported to the energy company can be tracked.

Sunny Tripower

Sunny Tripower

The Sunny Tripower 15000TL / 20000TL / 25000TL is the ideal inverter for large-scale commercial and industrial plants. Not only does it deliver extraordinary high yields with an efficiency of 98.4 %, but it also offers enormous design flexibility and compatibility with many PV modules thanks to its multistring capabilities and wide input voltage range.

Compact three phase inverter with automatic monitoring of the power produced. This SMA inverter comes in power class from 3 kW to 25 kW. These inverters are transformerless and the Sunny Tripower can be commissioned from the app and if there is a fault in the inverter it can be easily found out through the app.

Sunny Boy

Sunny Boy

Compact single-phase inverter with maximum energy output for residential purposes. Sunny boy comes in variety of power classes varying from 1.5 kW to 6 kW. All the power generated can be tracked easily with a click of a button as these inverters are designed to communicate efficiently with the help of wi-fi or ethernet internet connections.

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