Fronius is an industry leading inverter manufacturer in the solar industry, the inverters are made in Austria with advanced technology. Fronius is providing renewable energy solution since 1990s, with many years of experience they are changing grounds through innovation.

Why Fronius Inverters?

Connectivity: The Fronius inverter is a highly compatible inverter with connecting options like Wi-Fi or WLAN (Ethernet Cable), which makes life easy for the customer to track the power generation on Laptop computer or a smart phone.

Quality and Reliability: With the brand which is dealing in renewables for 20 years and is manufactured in Austria makes it a highly reliable brand and in an affordable price. And comes with 5+5 years extendable warranty.

Fronius Symo Panels

Fronius Symo

The Fronius Primo complements SnapINverter generation, has a power capacity range from 3 kW to 8.2 kW that makes this Fronius single phase inverter suitable for every private household solar system. The inverter can communicate with the help of WLAN, energy management, WIFI and numerous interfaces.

Fronius Primo Panels

Fronius Primo

Fronius Symo has a power capacity range of 3 kW to 20 kW that makes this Fronius three phase inverter suitable for every solar system size. Fronius is one of the most flexible inverters in the market due to high compatibility with third-part components. The connection of this inverter to the energy meter allows the user to track the production and consumption of the power generated on their roof.

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