Battery Storage

What Is Battery Storage?

Battery storage solutions harness surplus energy from your pre-existing Solar PV solution, ready for use at a later date or time. Whether you’re installing at home or for your business, battery storage can play a key role in reducing your energy spend.

Connecting solar panels to a battery storage unit, enables the battery to hold onto any surplus energy – as often, Solar PV solutions produce more electricity than is required at any one time.

To prevent additional energy spend and waste, the stored energy can be used during ‘peak’ hours. This won’t only reduce energy spend, but will ensure the carbon footprint of your home or business will decrease as you further eliminate the use of non-renewable energy.

Why Install A Battery Solution?

Installing a battery solution within your home or business will ensure your property can benefit from large cost-savings – and, earn an income by selling surplus energy back to the grid. At Opera Solar Group, we can assess your properties infrastructure, local electricity usage and where to house a battery solution. The energy savings you can make, depends on current electricity use. As your property will be running off-grid – you will also be protected against power outages in your area. If there is a power-cut, you can continue to run your electricity as normal – provided the battery is charged.

Our Battery Storage

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