Reduce your power bills

Opera Solar is a Penrith Solar based company dealing in all types and sizes of solar systems. With teams of certified solar installer Sydney, we set a benchmark in doing installations and our solar installers work with duty of care towards the customers’ roof and aesthetics of their property. Searching for the best solar panels Sydney for a single phase and for a three-phase small household, your search ends here.

6.6kW system can generate saving for a small to medium family with energy needs of 10 to 15 kW a day, we Australians are blessed with sun through out the year. So, solar panels in New South Wales can provide huge benefits with government incentives. The incentives from solar systems are coming from two sources: solar rebates and solar feed in tariffs.

The 6kw solar system, 6.6kW Solar System or 6.66kW Solar Systems are very good configurations for the Australian households and can produce sufficient power that it can reduce your power bill to zero, 6.6kW system is very convenient to connect to the grid as well and it can be built and configured with any solar panel and inverter brands.

When you install your 6.5kW system it is going to generate power for the house and will also produce surplus energy that can be sold to the power grid at a feed-in-tariff rate.

What is the feed in tariff?

Power companies will pay feed-in-tariff when the surplus power from your solar is sold to the grid, which is NSW can be between 10 to 17 cents per kWh. With the well provided buy back tariff system your power bill will end up being 0 or in credit.

The government with its Small-scall Renewable Energy Scheme help the homeowners with incentives which reduces their overall solar installation cost, and which encourages them to opt solar.

What comes in a 6.66kW system?

Tier 1 Solar Panels

6600W of Solar Panels Power Output

Tier 1 solar panels

Well know reputed solar PV brands

25 years of performance warranty

Local Australian Solar Distributor supports available.

What Solar Panel is right for me?

Solar Inverter

5kW Inverter

Wi-fi Monitoring

High Efficiency with online support

Proven products backed by manufacturers’ warranty.

What Solar Inverter is right for me?

Panel Mountings and Rails

High Quality Roof Mounting Solution

Available for Tin roof, tile roof and lock mounting

Corrosion free and anodised material

Easy to install and durable.

What Solar System should I choose?

6.6 kW Solar System Price:

How much will be the price of a 6.6 kW?

The Australian households commonly had 5 kW systems installed. But now the trend has changed the most installed solar system in recent times have been the 6.6 kW system. With the increase in rebates as the system is bigger and generating more power to be fed to the grid, 6.66 kW system will usually pay for itself in 3 to 5 years.

A good quality solar system will cost between $4,500 and $6,999.

There are also solar systems which can cost less. But the product quality is cheaper. The low cost will attract many consumers, but the small amount of money saved on the initial investment can be less, but the maintenance costs can be high as the companies are not well known in the market and they provide those products at that price for a reason. Therefore, it is better to buy once and buy quality.

Key factors on which your solar panels are built on

1.Type of roof orientation.
2.Roof space and the hours of sun available on that roof.
3.Shading on the roof.
4.Energy needs and future energy forecasting.

Government Subsidies

The government subsidies/incentives on your solar panel for 6.6kW system will be $3350.

6.6 KW System Comprises Of

Solar panels which with the help of sunrays generated Direct Current or DC electricity, DC from the roof through cables is sent to the inverter.

The Inverter is the brain of the solar system, the inverter converts the DC input to usable Alternating Current or AC output. The AC output from the inverter is then connected to the main switch in the meter and this power then can be used in the house.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a quality inverter, we recommend Fronius or SMA inverter. They both are made in Europe Inverters.

I am ready for solar – What Next?

From here onwards your journey of having a solar system begins with Opera Solar Energy, we have a range of options to choose from. We can help you install the right fit system by size and by budget, call us on 1300 271 430 or request a call back.