With the help of reducing solar prices and the government solar rebate NSW the prices of 13.3kW solar system is very affordable and is suitable for large households and small businesses. Below are the few facts to consider for 13 kW system.

Price of a 13kW Solar System

The price of a 13kW system has fallen in recent years due to the drop in solar panel prices. The wholesale PV module prices are going down due to the increase mass production of photovoltaic panels in China. A standard installation with a premium tier-one solar panels, a European Inverter like SMA Tripower or Fronius Symo and with CEC approved installation (licenced electricians) will cost between $7,856 and $12,910. It is very important with the solar panels as you get what you have paid for and premium panels like REC and LG Solar comes with their benefits.

On a bright sunny day, the 13kW system will provide more that 70kWh of power. As this power is surplus for most of the household the surplus power can be sold to the grid. If the orientation of the panels is done in 2 or three directions than you can produce power throughout the day (From sunrise to sunset). If you choose a system with battery option than the surplus energy depending on the size of the battery can be stored in the battery and that energy can be used in the evening and nights.

Facts about a 10-kW system

1. If one panel is of 370 Watts each the total number of panels for a 13.3 kW system will be 36 panels.
2.The average power generated will be 60 units/day or 60 Kwh.
3.The savings that can be generated from this solar system will be $700 to $1100 /Quarter.
4.The payback period is of 4 to 5 years.

The 13kW system is an ideal system for your home when your daily consumption is between 25 to 35 kWs and your bill  per quarter is $900 to $1400.

What comes in a 13.3 kW system ?

Tier 1 Solar Panels

13000W of Solar Panels Power Output

Tier 1 Solar Panels

Well know reputed Solar PV Brands

25 years of performance warranty

Local Australian Solar Distributor supports available.

What Solar Panel is right for me?

Solar Inverter

10 kW Solar Inverter

Wi-fi Monitoring

High Efficiency with online support

Proven products backed by manufacturers’ warranty.

What Solar Inverter is right for me?

Panel Mountings and Rails

High Quality Roof Mounting Solution

Available for Tin roof, tile roof and lock mounting

Corrosion free and anodised material

Easy to install and durable.

What Solar System should I choose?

How many panels are there in a 13.3kW system

The 13 kW system has between 33 – 39 panels depending upon the individual wattage of the panels. The panel size is approximately 2.2m x 1.2m in size.

How much can I save with 13kW solar system ?

With the average sun hours and system size, the savings will be approximately $700 to $1100 per billing cycle. The savings also depends on which season it is, summers can produce more savings as compared to winters.

I am ready for solar – how to contact us ?

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